About Us

Reditek Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Electrical Conduit Fittings, Grounding Accessories, Aluminum Terminals and Connectors, Conduit Accessories, Weather Proof Boxes and Covers, Liquid Tight Conduit and Metallic Flexible Conduit.

We currently sell our products in over 17 countries, shipping from our distribution centers throughout North, Central and South America.

Reditek also manufactures special parts for industrial and manufacturing applications. We make custom parts in Aluminum and Copper Sand Casting, Aluminum and Zinc High-Pressure Die Casting, Copper and Steel Stampings and Machined Components.

Reditek has manufacturing facilities and joint ventures in India, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and China. All facilities have high quality control procedures and certifications including ISO-9002, ETL, RETIE, UL and CSA.

At Reditek we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, competitive prices, reliability and technical assistance.